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Was yet another great insightful blog post. I hope more Realtors read your writing. JA Mar 12th

Love Realty Lab. SB Dec 8th

Hilarious post Mark. And you might be a little nuts…in a good way. MP Dec 2nd

Great real estate info Mark! Keep it coming. Cheers! MS Nov 23rd

Well written. Thanks. TS Nov 22nd

I love your blog Mark. Really good stuff. MW Nov 18th

I find your blog to be one of the most amazing and well written, full of fantastic data, stats, info and opinion. Kudos. JA Nov 17th

Substantial post!  Thanks for sharing the information.  I could not agree more with the two types of lead generation.  And I was able to learn more relevant insights on about it.            LS Sept 7

Hi Mark, I really enjoy reading your Blog. Keep up the good work. ME July 28

Dear Mark, I must tell you I love your blogs! They are relevant, current and just well written. I am a good writer but not as confident as you. Yet! Totally enjoy reading you blogs, so thanks. FG June 28.

Loving your blog as always. MP June 28.

Hmmmm interesting!! Thx for sharing Mark…  CV June 26.

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  1. Hi, Great post!… I often look for articles like this so I can link them in my weekly newsletter. I hope you dont mind.

    • Mar 10 2012

      Sure. No problem. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you will keep checking in.

  2. Jan 4 2014

    Hey there. There are a lot of different models out there for agents to work under. For instance you could work at a company that will let you keep 100% of your commission but you would pay $100 per month plus $300+/- per transaction. Not a bad deal but you get what you pay for; no support, no training, no meetings or office environment. The other side is a full service company where you keep 70 to 80% of your income but you get as much support and training as you can handle and there are no expenses. There are some hybrid models as well that perhaps offer 90/10 splits but might also have a $500 a month fees. Not an easy choice to make.
    Agents in ontario must work for a brokerage even though they are considered self employed so their success is really only based on how much time and money they invest.
    When I interview agents I ask them what they plan to do to distinguish themselves from the nearly 40k other agents out there. The reality is that if you treat it like a full time job, show up everyday, prospect regularly, have a decent on line persona and market yourself smartly, this can be a very rewarding profession.


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